Our Belles

Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Belle's Bio:

Barksdale’s Carolina Belle

Born April 29, 2018.

Barksdale’s Carolina Belle is an authentic miniature multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. Miss Belle has a wonderfully soft fleecy chocolate mix coat with white on her chest, commonly known as a “tuxedo”. Miss Belle is the quintessential “Southern Belle”, demonstrating a kind and gentle spirit, eager to cuddle and offer companionship. Barksdale’s Carolina Belle is intelligent, affectionate and athletic. This Doodle Darlin’s flexibility and gymnastic moves are truly amazing.  Miss Belle’s coat is non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Barksdale’s Carolina Belle is one of our founding matriarchs.  Miss Belle’s first “Beau” will be Barksdale’s Red Dundee. Their offspring should be a combination of chocolate, red, apricot and cream.

VWD Clear, CAER OF A Normal, DNA Profile, CBC, DM Clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, Bbee, S sp, EIC Clear, OFA HIP and OFA Elbows -Normal, Registration #: ALAA- 007588-0620

Bent Oaks Labradoodles
Bent Oaks Labradoodles

Maxi's Bio:

Barksdale’s Mercedes Maxi

Born May 17, 2018

Barksdale’s Mercedes Maxi is an authentic small-medium multi-generation Australian Labradoodle.  Miss Maxi is intelligent, loving, adventurous, possesses an unrelenting curiosity.  She is competitive and energetic. She displays a non-shedding, hypoallergenic, soft and rare, curly-red mix coat with a white “tuxedo” on her chest. Miss Maxi’s pleasant curiosity merges with an energetic temperament resulting in a cuddly, entertaining and adorable Doodle Darlin’ who is quite comfortable sleeping at the foot of the bed or assisting with the day to day vehicle navigation. Barksdale’s Mercedes Maxi is one of our founding matriarchs.

VWD Clear, CAER OF A Normal, DNA Profile, CBC, DM Clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, Bbee, S sp, EIC Clear, OFA HIP and OFA Elbows –Normal, Registration #: ALAA-071046

Our Beaus

Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Beau’s Bio:

Classic City’sCarolina Beau

Classic City’s Carolina Beau comes to us from Classic City Labradoodles. Beau is an Authentic Australian Labradoodle (ALd). This gorgeous guy was born September28, 2019. We are excited about what Carolina Beau brings to our Bent Oaks’ team.

Beau will begin our Parti line of Doodle Darlin’s. Beau is a medium Austrailian Labradoodle and weighs 40 pounds. Beau has the most amazing spirit, so sweet and gentle. He loves spending time with the other Doodle Darlin’s or taking a long walk in the woods. His relaxed demeanor and proud, soft gait makes him a true joy to have around.

Carolina Beau has an open fleece parti (chocolate and white) coat. His coat ishypo-allergenic and non-shedding with a wonderful soft texture to it.

Bent Oaks extends our appreciation to Classic City Labradoodles for making this wonderful boy available to join the Bent Oaks family.

CAER Normal, vWD Clear, DNA Profile, DM Clear, IC Clear,PRA/PRCD Clear,EIC Clear, OFAHIP.Normal,OFA Elbows Normal.Registration #:ALAA-083445

Pedigree shows at their 5th generation a direct connection to the original breeders of the ALD in Australia, Tegan Park.

Traveller's Bio:

Bent Oaks’ Belle’s Traveller

Bent Oaks’ Belle’s Traveller is a miniature Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle (ALd)16 inches tall, 28 lbs., born January 6, 2020. He hasgorgeous green eyes and a loving, sweet, and intuitivedisposition.

We are so pleased with this young beau. He is out of Barksdale’s Carolina Belle and Barksdale’s Red Dundee. Traveller has a contagious fun-loving personality and enjoys running, playing chase,and receiving plenty of hugs. Ourhandsome young beau lives in the Carolina low-country with his owners at Bent Oaks Farm in Aiken County, SC.

Traveller has a Fleece Parti (Red & White) coat(bbeecarries the brown gene, does not carry the black gene,and can yieldwhite, cream, yellow, apricot,or red). His coat is hypo-allergenic and non-shedding with a wonderful silky soft texture.

EIC Clear. DM Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear vWD Clear, IC Clear, bbee, spsp, DNA Profile, CAER Normal, OFA-Hip Good, OFA-ElbowsGood.


Archie’s Bio:

Barksdale’s Archibald aka “Archie”

Barksdale’s Archibald aka “Archie” comes to us from the renowned Barksdale Labradoodles. He is a gorgeous red with white markings and a soft, silky Fleece Coat and is a great addition to Bent Oaks’ foundation line of reds. Archie is medium in size. His birthday is March 27, 2020. Archie resides with us at Bent Oaks and is a highly valued and loved member of our ‘Doodle Darlin’ family.

  • vWD Clear, CBC, DM Clear, DNA Profile, bb/ee, PRA/PRCD Clear, OFA CAER Normal, EIC Clear, PennHIP, OFA Elbows Normal, & OFA Thyroid Normal.
  • Registration # ALAA-091269

Belles and Beaus In Waiting

Upcoming breeders joining the Bent Oaks team

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Bent Oaks Miss Madeline (Maddie)