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Bent Oaks Authentic Australian Labradoodles

A South Carolina Breeder of Australian Labradoodles.

Bent Oaks’ Story:

After teaching elementary for 20 years and owning a small manufacturing business in the Midwest, I was ready to combine my love of animals with my plans for retirement.  I returned to teaching and moved to South Carolina in pursuit of a new adventure.

I was raised on a farm and had owned a variety of animals and dog breeds throughout my life.  With so many friends and family members experiencing allergies to dogs, I started pursuing a designer breed that would be hypoallergenic and asthma friendly.  I came across a premiere breeder in Mississippi and fell in love with the Australian Labradoodles at Barksdale’s Labradoodles.

Al Gordy, owner of Barksdale Labradoodles, and I became fast friends.  In June of 2018 I drove to Mississippi to buy my first “Doodle Darlin’”, Carolina Belle, our first chocolate matriarch.

During my visit to Al’s facility, he also introduced me to an adorable red curly coat baby.  I couldn’t resist and wound up leaving Barksdale’s with two puppies instead of one!  Mercedes Maxi, an equally gorgeous puppy, with a unique red curly coat, will became Bent Oaks Labradoodles’ second “Doodle Darlin’”.

Check out our Puppy Availability for puppies coming soon. These unique “designer” dogs are intelligent, affectionate, athletic, and hypoallergenic.  They will capture your heart as they have mine.

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Doodle Darlin’s become a part of your family
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Puppy Availability

Doodle Darlin’s become a part or your family.
ALAA Association

ALAA Association:

The Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) represents breeders in the United States, Canada and Europe.

We focus on nurturing the development of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle, promoting uniform standards and integrity in breeding.

The goals of the ALAA, according to our charter, are:

  • To protect the future of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle
  • To provide a forum where breeders and owners can collaborate to promote and protect the future of the breeds
  • To sustain and improve dog health
  • To provide public information about breeding stock
  • To promote integrity among breeders
  • To educate breeders and owners
  • To help prospective owners make informed purchasing decisions
  • To develop and monitor breed standards
  • To lobby for international acceptance of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle, and to uphold breed standards with respect to conformation, temperament, color and coat type

The ALAA offers volunteer opportunities for all members, breeder and owner, to shape the future of our organization. Learn more about our structure, including current officers here. To get involved, email a governing board member, who will help you connect with the leader of the team that interests you.


ALAA Paw Reward Program

The Silver Paws that appear next to qualified kennels reflect extra health testing for those breeding programs. At a minimum, all Breeder Members must submit hip and elbow clearances; additional testing, while voluntary, earns a breeder a Silver Paw reward.

Silver Paw

In addition to the hip and elbow clearances required of all member breeders, EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) clearance must also be done to earn a Silver Paw.